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dynatom-contactOver the years Dynatom has developed effective skills to understand and develop the emerging nuclear power, nuclear medicine and rail transport markets. Four main streams of information provide Dynatom the best data to predict the business trends, and to build and adjust the strategies that will allow our clients to expand their market share. Our goal is not only market share growth but also how to deliver the best ROI possible.

Dynatom marketing follows a methodology that guarantes the quality of the information gathered, and allows step by step tracking of  all the key subjects and even the general context. The main sources of the local industry are screened :

• “Potential buyers – to ascertain how much demand there is for the product/service
• Distributors, agents and other intermediaries – to find out how to best get products and services to market, and again to ascertain how much demand there is for the product/service
• Competitors – to find out how other companies have successfully entered and stayed in the market and judge the market’s likely response to a new entrant
• Industry experts and local authorities – to provide a quick and concise overview of the market.”

1-Data collection

Network data: Dynatom continuously invests in our network and sales forces to build a sustainable and robust organization that can track all the pieces of information to the local stakeholders’ environment and mindset. Our efficient lobbying allows us to understand and to match the needs of the buyers. The idea is to build the best offers that will fit all of the demand requirements.

Big data and statistics: Over the years, Dynatom has developed efficient tools to extract valuable information about its target markets (end-user and supply chain).

This additional data strengthen our decisions to more effectively drive our clients’ businesses.

Bidding and legal process: We take care to analyze and learn from each bidding process.

We also learn from competitors’ successes and failures. The registration processes which are needed in order to fit the local regulations also make available valuable data. These data are generally oriented toward how the market is managed by competitors and buyers.

Due Diligence: Dynatom assesses nuclear operators, holdings companies, engineering firms and local manufacturers in order to guarantee that:

  • Products and services fit local needs and are accurately represented
  • A track record for delivering high quality solutions can be set up.
  • Financial, operational and strategic plans are in place to ensure and sustain the viability of the market.


From Dynatom’s perspective the highest ROI possible is the combination of the following factors – long-term commitment, short and efficient response times, cost control and optimal price points. The right execution of the strategies designed by Dynatom allows clients to reach the objectives that target these key points.

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