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Dynatom trading desks work across global markets to maximize performance and reduce trading costs. Our superior level of service, strategic guidance, and industry insight help navigate trading challenges on behalf of our clients.

dynatom-servicesOur experience in the Chinese nuclear market have earned us a reputation for outstanding service and capabilities that are unparalleled.

Our clients enjoy privileged access to our in-house trading experts, who are renowned for their speed of execution and professional approach.

To ensure we respond efficiently to our client needs, all orders are channeled through a dedicated team of engineers and commercial managers.

Advantages of our trading services:

  • 24-hour access to a dedicated trading desk (Beijing, Fribourg, Istanbul and Chicago)
  • Regular consulting about Chinese and Turkish trading companies (i.e: CNEIC, CZEC, TETAS, Koç Holding…)
  • Competitive implementation and ground support
  • No settlement fees for transactions
  • Independent market views and trading ideas regarding the sales of equipment to reactors, other markets such as fuel cycle, hospitals and transport manufacturers and assemblers.


1 – General considerations

In our global world, energy issues are critical and are mainly handled by governments. This fact leads to a better understanding ofthe major objectives of newcomers in the nuclear power industry, which are, first to build robust and reliable sources of electricity that contribute to “energy independence”, and then to promote and strengthen job creation.

The goal of job creation is also a strong political driver for the countries who want to develop the nuclear power industry. For instance, the construction of nuclear power plants requires the participation of a large and highly qualified workforce. In addition, if a portion of the supply chain is localized, the needs of the labor force become even more important in the long term. Furthermore, operating and maintainingnuclear power plants (NPP) require a substantial number of qualified workers for at least 50 to 60 years.

The concept of “energy independence” is directly related to the objectives of the local industry in order to manage the technological leap that the nuclear industry represents. The mastery of this technological jump reduces the dependency on those who currently dominate nuclear power technologies. Therefore, the local authorities of new nuclear power markets look for ways to become “sufficiently” technologically independent.

dynatom-profitsThis vision of the nuclear power industry is not new. In the 70s, when France launched a massive nuclear project that todayis producing 75% of its electrical power, Westinghouse designed the first reactors. Westinghouse’s supply chain also provided a large number of the components. From this time, for political reasons including “energy independence”, the French government pushed hard toward a strong localization of all the technologies Westinghouse implemented in order to build its own robust nuclear power industry.

In the last decade, China has decided to follow the same path and has now reached a localization rate, according to the projects, of 65% to 85%.

The importance of the localization rate vaves in each market . It can be mandatory, as in China, or done through incentives, as in Turkey. Therefore, firms have to adjust their strategy for each market. Nevertheless, localization should provide substantial competitive advantages that will strengthen company market shares.

The localization process allows overcoming hurdles that authorities have set up in order to promote the local companies. In Turkey, manufacturers who produce nuclear components locally can integrate the supply chain list of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies (EPC) whoare in charge of the nuclear projects.

2- Joint Venture opportunities

According to each market’s specificities, different strategies are possible to expand business. The creation of a joint venture is one of the possible options. In this regard, Dynatom builds the strategic alliances with our clients’ needs to find the right partners, and then reinforces the business opportunity pipeline. This alliance has to be built with trust to achieve win-win collaboration and a mutual success. For Dynatom, the main target is to allow firms to leverage their investments taking into account the existing local resources in order to get substantial and sustainable ROI.

Dynatom also works carefully with clients on the legal environment in order to control the technological and the legal side of the new JV. In particular, Dynatom focuses first on a smart and successful technology transfer that allows for a smooth and efficient technological evolution of the cooperation, and then prepares the contract in order to secure your IP protection based on local inputs, and finally, provides the legal support to prevent and mitigate any disputes.

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