Achema is still on the top

What can we say about Achema?

We have been waiting three years to get back in Frankfurt for the best event in the word. Chemical sounds definitively like Germany. We can even add that Achema is a German showcase, then the rest of the world.This session in June had the same quality, public and outcome than three years ago. The event was a frenzy, business focused with a German touch.

During this week in Achema, we were able to deal with all our favorite fields: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, science, engineering, networking and digitalization.

We were surprised by the lack of attendees from China and India, which indicated clearly their weaknesses in that field, when we know the importance of the going global strategy from both countries. The chemical industry was definitively from Europe, North America and Japan.

The exhibitors invested in large booths, sometimes gigantic booths, and received their guests in the German way: business focused, great follow up and abundance food and beverage.

The excitement was evident, during and after the event. We witnessed for example the team building in KSB pavilion with announcement of results and next targets, and also the feedback on the spot of Siemens employees that wanted to know from the walk-in if the information and service provided in the booth were up to the expectations.

Achema is business focused, decision oriented, great follow up with a good beer and pretzel. We are looking forward to next event.