Dynatom partners with Skyre, the world leader in H2 and Co2 conversion

Both companies joined resources to grow Skyre technology and solutions worldwide, particularly in Europe.

The business goals are as follow:

  1. To integrate the H2Renew™ in the European Industry decarbonizing plan, particularly in the semiconductor, glass, steel, fiber optic, and battery sectors. Skyre’s H2Renew™ provides an ideal way to add value to hydrogen for both industrial and energy applications by purifying and pressurizing this essential gas.
  2. To expand in the Helium The H2Renew™ can economically separate hydrogen from helium, thereby improving helium production from lower quality reserves. The Hydrogen Recovery System (HRS), initially developed for NASA Stennis Space Center, separates, purifies, and recycles hydrogen and helium gas currently combusted and released into the atmosphere.
  3. To create a pilot plant in Europe for Co2Renew™. Skyre is one of the early pioneers in CO2 capture and conversion. The core of the Co2Renew™ system was initially developed for advanced life support systems used in closed environments and is now addressing the global climate change concerns.

For more information about Skyre technology and partnership, contact Arnaud Lefevre;

M: +41 76 588 09 66

T: +41 26 514 05 16

E: alefevre@dynatom.org


Skyre: https://www.skyre-inc.com/