ICCI: quality or nothing

The 23rdInternational Energy & Environment Fair & Conference (ICCI) was held on May 3-5 in Istanbul.

The event was partially acquired by Penwell (the organizer of Power-Gen) and that was obvious in the show. From several dozens of small booths and irrelevant companies in 2016, this event features bigger companies, bigger booth and optimized space.

We mostly went to the event to assess the Turkish industry involvement in the domestic nuclear projects. We saw mostly companies involved in renewable power, since the government is investing in large projects for wind and solar.

But we were surprised by the number of companies that are already acting to become suppliers in the nuclear industry, for desalinization, civil engineering, but also small components such as fasteners.

ICCI is not yet a world class standard for the expo part, but the organization made a leap frog in the quality of the exhibitors.

However the nuclear side was a shame. Only SNPTC (SPIC Group) was present, close to Haerbin Electric. As for the roundtables, I even did not understand the reason ICCI chose such lame speakers, who were good technicians, but their subjects were absolutely not related to the event and the market.

In conclusion, ICCI shrank the number of exhibitors, but increased in quality, both from domestic and international sides. The event is focused on the domestic market, therefore not a place for companies that have a regional strategy, but for companies that are involved in the Turkish energy market.