A slow market: NIC illustrates the Chinese nuclear power business

Nuclear Industry China was held between March 28-31 in Beijing. This year showcased 214 exhibitors, 60% of them were Chinese manufacturer. I was first surprized by several characteristics: the size of the event (half of the previous one), the number of visitors (the hall was too often empty), the mood of the exhibitors (“let’s wait and hope for a new project”). NIC exhibited several characteristics of the domestic industry, from the regional clustering (Haiyan, Haiyang, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Shanghai), the showcase of new reactors such as the Hualong (from CNNC, from CGN and from the merger), the CAP1400, the HTGR, the TWR, the SMR (Linglong, ACP100), the Yanlong pool-type low-temperature heating reactor… read more →